About Me

I was born and raised in Chicago.  Left the Windy City with my husband (Chester) and spent my time living, working, and raising a family in small town Wisconsin and Minnesota.  We have two children.  Our oldest son Christopher lives in St. Paul, MN and is doing well.   At the age of 21, our youngest son Richard lost his 13 year battle with a spinal cord tumor in April 2005.

From August 1996 to August 2004, I was co-owner of Traditions Quilt Shop in New Richmond,WI.  The shop closed and shortly after that, all our time was spent in helping Richard fight what was to be his final battle.

After Richard's death, I found out, like all primary care givers, I had to take care of my health.  I spent the next 18 months of my time recuperating, sorting, finishing quilt projects, trying to finish the started but not finished house and garden projects, and just trying to put back the pieces of our lives.

I now work a full time job in a big box retail store.  When I am not too exhausted from the crazy retail hours, I like to piece quilts together, hand quilt, Hawaiian applique, work on writing instructions for the new patterns I have drawn out, work in the garden, work on house projects, and some scrap booking.  I have plenty to choose from to keep me busy!

Below is one of my favorite poems written by Richard.   I hope you enjoy it too.

I think of a journey to a far off place.
A risk, I think. A change of pace.
The idea of travel far and wide.
Like the movements of life, up and down a slide.
A reflection of life as it may be.
To travel the earth, sky, and sea.
A chance to escape to a far off dream.
To halt reality, as it may seem.
A chance to find and plant my feet.
Or a chance to fly off and find retreat.
The journey might be long, or possibly short.
But no matter what, a chance to sort.
There are those who think to live is to change.
There are others who think it's just a game.
To live well is to change often.
To live before we see our coffin.
To me a journey is a time of peace.
A chance to think and find release.
An invitation to change my way.
A new experience. A chance to play.
To grow, to argue, to come together.
A chance to be like birds of a feather.
An awareness of others, both big and small.
To forget race. To forget it all.
To look at the world through cleansed eyes.
To look and see that I can fly.
A final chance to get away.
A beautiful chance to find my way.
And in the end when the journey is over.
I'll have the strength to start all over.
I think of a journey to a far off place.
A risk, I think. A change of pace.
©Richard Dzik 2001