Monday, October 22, 2012

Lily's Baby Quilt

October is just about gone and my summer flew by fast.  It's been a long time and I finally got to make another baby quilt.  Here is a quick baby quilt project that I managed to complete in a short time!

First I found my main print for the center.  I already knew Baby B. was going to be a girl. This cute print is from Timeless Treasures and I cut a 32.5" wide x 40.5" length piece for my center.  I kept this simple.

I dug through my stash and found a pastel fat quarter collection by Maywood Studios in one of my drawers.  All of the colors work with the main print.  My background is solid white by Kona Bay.  I also have my trusty Easy Angle (R) Ruler for cutting half square triangles.

Cut 2 - 4.5" x 18" strips from each color and cut 72 (12 from each color) 4.5" half square triangles.
Cut 5 - 4.5 x 42" strips of plain white and cut the strips into 72 - 4.5" half square triangles.
8 - 4.5" pastel squares,
8 - 4.5" white squares.

Pair a white triangle with a pastel triangle and sew them together.  Press.

The top and bottom need 16 half square triangle (2 rows of 8) squares each and the sides need 20 (2 rows of 10).  They are laid out in a chevron pattern and sewn together for the borders.

Pair a white square with a pastel square and sew them together to make a 4 patch like in the corner in the picture below.

Sew the 4 patch squares to either side of the top border.
Sew on side borders.
Sew on top borders.

I sent mine out to be quilted to Robbin's Nest Quilting in Lindstrom, MN and it's back!

For the binding, I cut up the rest of the pastel fat quarters into 2.25" strips, sewed them all together alternating the colors.

What the quilting looks like from the back.

Lindsey and Adam (parents to be) with the quilt.

Lily B. was born on September 28 and I will update this post when I get a picture of her with her quilt!

Happy Sewing!
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"Kickin' Stash" Quilt

 Bust out those scrap bins, "Kickin' Stash" pattern is here and now your scrap fabrics will have a quilt of their own.
This winter I signed on to be a block tester and quilt group block swap participant to help out talented quilt designer Beth Helfter.  I only needed to make four 12.5" blocks and with my crazy work schedule, that was very doable.  There were about 40 participants.  The test blocks were to be made up of fabric scraps in the same color family.  I have plenty and my color choice was purple.  I have to admit that I purchased 1/2 yard of cream background fabric as those scraps were non existent. 

Once all my pieces were cut and everything was set up, piecing was very easy, the instructions are very clear, and this pattern also lets you know which way to press your seam allowances (when it's late at night, I need to be told that).  I found it to be a great pattern.

The one thing I didn't do....TAKE PICTURES!  After I volunteered for this blog-a-long, I realized I had no pictures of the blocks I made.  However, I have pictures of the wonderful blocks that were returned to me.  So if you recognize your block please let me know which one was yours.  I would like to put your name on it along with the block swap info!

Below is the finished cover quilt and I am very happy to see my block made the cut (second row, second block)!  The link below the quilt will take you to the PatternSpot web page to purchase a download of this pattern.  For more great fun, stop by Beth's blog page Quilting Hottie Haven Blog!

Here are the links to the Blog-A-Long...

Monday 3/12 – Deb Donovan
Tues 3/13 – Kelli Fannon
Wednesday 3/14 – Anna Dzik
Thurs 3/15 – Marianne Nowacki
Friday 3/16 – Linda Pearl
Saturday 3/17 – Terri Sontra

Here's to everyone having a Kickin' Stash Day!!

Anna Dzik
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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Scrappy Apple Core Quilt

This past fall, I purchased the 9"Apple Core ruler by Pepper Cory for the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Last week I ended up with some unexpected vacation time and decided to hole up in my sewing room.  As I was going through my stash, I had a bunch of 6" cuts in fall colors that were for another project. The cuts were too small, so it became a scrap project.

I straightened up one edge and paired and stitched like colors together...

Then I got to cutting...

 Decided on a random look...

I had a helper and this was her look...

Miss Emma is now banned from the room until I have all of my rows sewn together.   I finger pressed a crease in the center at the top of the apple core and pinned them together. I usually pin at the beginning, middle and end of a curve.

As I stitch the curves together, I make sure the edges line up as I go.  Every few stitches, you will need to adjust the edges.  Make sure you have your needle in the down position. 

I stitched all the apple cores together into rows, and laid all the rows back in line.  I put a pin in the top of each row before I sewed the rows together so that I would not get confused.  I pinned the rows together at the beginning, middle of each apple core, and all seam allowance intersections. Sewing long rows of curving pieces takes time.  It took me about 20 minutes for each row and that includes pressing.  I was not in a hurry.

I had enough apple cores that the top without borders is about queen size.

The top came out better than I expected and it looks better in person than in the pictures.  I am thinking of leaving it as is and bind it with a solid color after quilting it.  I like the scalloped edges and I think it will look great on top of a solid colored bed spread.

Anna Dzik
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