Saturday, December 31, 2011

Interesting Places.......Fiberglass Mold Yard

Happy New Year!  This past year one of our chill out weekends was to Cranberry Fest in Warrens, WI.  We had a great time visiting with our Chicago family and looking at all the great crafts.  Sorry, no crafty pictures.  It was extremely crowded and very difficult to take pictures even if you were allowed to do so.

My DH in front of the tricked out John Deere tractor.

FAST: Fiberglass Mold Yard

The most interesting place we visited was to see the Eye at the FAST: Fiberglass Statue Mold Yard.  This happens to be a place where they make those huge fiberglass statues that we always see here and there.  You can walk through at your own risk to see all the molds that are laying about.  The Fiberglass Mold Yard is located on Hwy 21 just outside of Sparta, WI.

The all seeing eye!

Is the Jaws Theme running through your head?

I'm thinking Hard Rock Cafe

Like a rock!

Reminds me of Babe, Big Blue Ox

A great weekend was had by all!

Anna Dzik
Quilt Patterns, Kona Bay Solid Colored Fabrics

Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Walk In My Garden Part 2

Always more to see, it changes daily!  
Fun yard art
Potato vines gone wild

Sprinkling away
Roses still blooming

Purple Cone Flower
Tree Shrooms

Step away from the catnip and no one gets hurt!

Anna Dzik
Quilt Patterns, Kona Bay Solid Colored Fabrics

Friday, August 5, 2011

A Walk In My Garden....

Here it is, August already and school and the Great Minnesota Get Together are just around the corner.  It's another humid day and we truly have had Summer this year.   Today I enjoyed just sitting on the porch and walking through the yard.........

Lovely bunches of grapes

Tall Phlox

Black Eye Susan

Green Coneflower

Bees are still after the Blue Globe Thistles

Milkweed Flower

Future Monarch!
Mmm Mmm Good!

Miss Emma "You are disturbing my nap time!"

Anna Dzik
Quilt Patterns, Kona Bay Solid Colored Fabrics

Saturday, May 7, 2011


 I'm moving along with my quilting UFO's.  I have another one done, but I took a break to work on a scrapbooking project I started about a year ago.  Last winter I sorted all the photographs by year and decided to start a scrapbook with my trip to Italy in 1996.  I went with my sister to visit family.  Below are some of the pages from my scrapbook.  I hope to go back.  It was a wonderful trip. 

Anna Dzik
Quilt Patterns, Kona Bay Solid Colored Fabrics