Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Backyard Wedding With a Mexican Flair

Back in December our son asked us if we would host his wedding in our back yard. Being somewhat crazy ourselves, we said "yes".  Their theme was Mexican style.

Since the garden was the focus, and the winter was so long, we did not get to any outside work until mid May.  DH and I had been in full wedding mode for the 5 weeks before the June 21 wedding.  A big THANK YOU goes out to our families and friends for all their help the last week before the wedding.  We could not have pulled this off without them.

In no particular order, the decorations for the garden wedding.

A simple chalk board sign so the guests knew where to go.

Festive papel picado flags were hanging just about everywhere.  Plastic along the garage and traditional paper flags where the guests were seated.  My brother matches the decoration colors!

Wedding guests signed in using their thumb prints and signature.  Bird cage for the wedding cards.  And, we did not worry about hiding everything that is found in the yard.  We did move out the fishing boat!

Colorful plastic drink glasses and labels so you knew which glass was yours for the evening.

Traditional colorful decorations and prayer candles.

Who knew there were Star Wars prayer candles!

My brother made some wine for the occasion.

Beautiful Double Wedding Ring quilt for a photo booth.

A small water feature with our collection of lake rocks.

The piñata and a light saber that made all the famous sounds as the piñata was being hit!

Pretty shoes and pretty flowers.

Lots of lights for a romantic look in the evening.

Re-purposed a basement concrete sink for a beverage cooler.  To empty it, all you have to do is pull the plug.

Found a great art project on Pinterest.  It involves photographs, a laser printer, tissue paper, gel medium and art canvas.

I made some huge accordion pleated flowers.  They took 8 sheets of 12" x 12" card stock.  The centers were 4 sheets(2 sheets cut in half) of 6" x 12"co-ordinating card stock, a Martha Stewart heart punch and scoring board, and the small circle tile pattern were cut from the same card stock pack.  I purchased 4 Fiesta Card Stock packs I found at JoAnn's. The rest of the small tile circles were used to make a garland.

Getting ready for a picnic buffet, chicken ready to go in the oven, potato salad made. There was also home made tamales, a wonderful chili sauce, mexican rice and a green salad to round off the menu.  Everything was delicious!

Beautiful, colorful wedding cake.  And, I might add that it was the best wedding cake I have ever had!

Plenty of other sweet treats to eat.

Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom.

Did I mention the cool light saber?

We had a perfect day!  No clouds, plenty of sunshine, and not too hot!

Happy 4th of July!

Anna Dzik

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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Anna & Chester's Airstream Journey....Chapter 1

After much thought (and looking at too many pictures of glampering), my husband and I bit the bullet and bought one.  A vintage 1968, 30' Sovereign Airstream.  After wintering her over at the RV place for some "must get this done first" work and an inspection, we will be bringing her home for some inside remodeling.

The first major repair was the axels.  She is now sitting up a little higher and hopefully we will make it up the driveway when we get her home.  Otherwise, I understand I will be the one pushing her up the driveway while my DH directs the traffic!

The next major problem we will have to fix is the bathroom floor.  So, off to do some research!

The adventure continues!!
Anna Dzik

Quilt Patterns, Kona Bay Solid Colored Fabrics

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