Friday, December 3, 2010

Goodwill Towards All ???????

The holiday season really starts sometime in October.  It has already been a tough one this year. Working big retail is not always an easy task during the holiday season.  I know other venues have posted customer etiquette list for the long waits that are happening everywhere.      

So here is my list, it's not very long:

Please, please, please put it back where you found it, or give it to a store employee, or put it in the designated area for returns.  Have you ever tried finding a dressing room and every door you opened had clothes thrown all over the place?

Don't rip open boxes to make sure everything is there and then take the next sealed one.  If you need to see what's inside, ask a store employee to open it for you.  After you see it, they can then put it back together and tape up the box for you.

You and 200 other people think that they can get a quick trip in over their lunch hour.  There is no quick trip to a retail store, the bank or the post office.

 At the big box retail stores, corporate dictates what the payroll dollars are, not the store managers.

Yelling at a store employee or manager who is trying to help you will not get you any brownie points.  If your wait has been too long, calling the corporate customer service line and letting them know that their stores are understaffed and your wait was 1 hour for any kind of service is the way to go.  Remember, most store employees are doing the best that they can and some are doing the work of 3 people. 

Be kind to the Seasonal Newbies, they are literally thrown to the wolves.  Reducing them to tears makes you a bully (and yes this does happen).  Their training is out on the retail sales floor as soon as the legal paperwork is filled out.  

Plan on your Christmas shopping to be an all day event. 
Start early.
Plan for long lines.
Make friends with the person in front and behind you in line.
Enjoy the hustle and bustle the season brings.
Enjoy the decorations.
Take a deep breath.
Don't forget a reservation at your favorite restaurant at the end of the day.

And remember to read:

"All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten" by Robert Fulghum.

Anna Dzik
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